October 24, 2012 – Duration 17:00

Mac Bundy's Dinner Party Interrupted / The Briefing, Telling Kennedy / Hawks: attack Cuba, soft on Cuba, soft on Communism! / JFK Digesting or "Indigesting" the Bad News / How Long Before the Missiles are Operational? / Robert McNamara: Trying to Slow it Down / EXCOMM: Executive Committee of the National Security Council / Sorensen's List

October 21, 2012 – Duration 17:58

The Experiment: JFK is not assassinated in 1963 / 2012: JFK at Age 95 / The Alleged Iranian Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons / JFK Learned a Lot / Motives of Smaller Countries / To Ignore or Not to Ignore? / Iran's Security Concerns are Acute / The Imposed War / A Diplomatic Surge with Iran? / Iran Project Report / Asymmetrical Power / Appearing Weak / Quoting Churchill Until Green in the Face / Reopen Embassies or Cans of Worms? / JFK: The Explainer in Chief?

October 17, 2012 – Duration 16:20

Imagine: Kennedy is not shot / Why Would JFK take Cuban Missile Crisis Class 101? / Bubble Heads: JFK, Khrushchev, Castro / Trilateral Sleepwalk / Operation Mongoose: state sponsored terrorist program / Liquidate Castro or Rough Him Up? / Original Sin of the Superpowers / Exits for Khrushchev but None for Castro

October 13, 2012 – Duration 15:35

Analytical JFK: In the Crisis and After the Crisis / JFK: A Good Student of History / Nuclear Strategy Useless? / WWII: the US use of Nuclear Weapons / JFK: You cannot play the war game like you used to / They Hate Kennedy / Analytical Nikita Khrushchev: Nuclear Abolition as a Notion / Competing in Non-Military Ways / Peace as Wide-Eyed Idealism? / JFK vs. LBJ / University of Washington JFK Speech: The Limits of US Power / What Castro Wanted to Chat to JFK about 

October 9, 2012 – Duration 14:15

The Villain: the Mythical JFK / Historical Truth vs. Myth / Actual JFK / Was JFK a Poker Player? / Kennedy Had a Better Hand / Khrushchev and his Marbles / You can't Threaten like the Old Days / Win the Poker Game by Looking Risky / Actual JFK: was not cool / In Real Time, Stakes are Huge / Crisis Prevention vs. Crisis Management / Mythical JFK is Lurking

October 5, 2012 – Duration 17:54

Aug and Sep of 1962 / Khrushchev Cooling his Heels / Cuban POV: Bay of Pigs as a Warmup Act / The CIA doesn't pick up the presence of Soviet troops / The Disguise, the Deception / Hurricane Season means Cloud Cover / Reports accompanied by other Reports / Russians were all 9ft Tall / Regime Change is in the Air / Castro's Legalistic Disputation / World Opinion / A Fine Way to Try and Get Along / The Calm Before the Storm

October 1, 2012 – Duration 17:35

Armageddon Time Machine / 6 Weeks Before Crisis / Socialist Island in Capitalist Hemisphere / Soviets poor at Innovation BUT / Taking Pictures / Surface to Air Missile Systems / Offensive weapons: Psychologically Offensive / What is Kennedy Waiting For?

September 29, 2012 – Duration 13:00

The "Cuban" Cuban missile crisis / February 4, 1962 / Superpower Mentality: Cuba goes off the scope / The Superpower Sleepwalk / Fidel is Constantly Talking / Cuba Kicked out of OAS / $1000 per Corpse by Premature Death / The duty of every revolutionary is to make the revolution / Hey Khrushchev, Guess what?

September 24, 2012 – Duration 17:27

A Gift for Castro / You're With Us or in Jail / The All-Fidel Radio and TV Channel / Only Direct Aggression is Left / The Cuban Revolution as a Socialist Revolution / The Logic of Fidel's Speech / Spies in Florida / Imperialist Stooges / Cuba as an American Playground / Fidel just Mouthing Off / Kennedy and Khrushchev's Sleepwalk / Small Countries that Won't do what they are told.

September 23, 2012 – Duration 16:54

Bay of Pigs Begins / A Perfect Failure or Victory? / CIA Screaming Bloody Murder / 5-course Meal vs. Side Salad / Soviet Union goes Bananas / Letter #5 / The Paint Fell Off / Kennedy's Acute Shock / What Kennedy Didn't Learn.


Listen to Profs James Blight + janet Lang troll deeply in our pop culture, in the history, psychology, politics and moral dilemmas that define our global culture in the early 21st century — always in search of connections between contemporary life and risk of nuclear war.

Music and post-production by Dave Clark + Jason Kenemy.

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