Russians Were all 9ft Tall

October 5, 2012 – Duration 17:54

Aug and Sep of 1962 / Khrushchev Cooling his Heels / Cuban POV: Bay of Pigs as a Warmup Act / The CIA doesn't pick up the presence of Soviet troops / The Disguise, the Deception / Hurricane Season means Cloud Cover / Reports accompanied by other Reports / Russians were all 9ft Tall / Regime Change is in the Air / Castro's Legalistic Disputation / World Opinion / A Fine Way to Try and Get Along / The Calm Before the Storm


Listen to Profs James Blight + janet Lang troll deeply in our pop culture, in the history, psychology, politics and moral dilemmas that define our global culture in the early 21st century — always in search of connections between contemporary life and risk of nuclear war.

Music and post-production by Dave Clark + Jason Kenemy.

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