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September 8, 1962
Christ, now even the so-called “moderate” Republicans are getting on my case about Cuba. I expect to be lambasted by the likes of Keating and Homer Capehart. They’re acting in character, playing to their right wing lunatic base. The same with Nixon, snarling over in a dark corner about how you have be tough with the Russians. But now Nelson Rockefeller says that if he were the president, he would already have ordered an attack and invasion of Cuba. Rockefeller!
September 7, 1962
Washington, DC (Associated Press). September 7 1962 President Kennedy, acting in the face of a communist buildup in Cuba and other international tension, sought authority today to order 150,000 reservists to active duty.
September 4, 1962
August didn’t feel like August this year: not enough time in Hyannis Port, not enough time sailing, not nearly enough time spent golfing. (I have to be careful about being photographed playing golf, which is supposed to be a game played only by Republicans. Not a problem this summer. I scarcely picked up a club.)