So Miami will be like Taiwan?

September 14, 1962

That goddamned George Smathers is at it again. I mean, I can understand why, as a senator from Florida, he wants to impress the Cuban exiles in Miami. Those people care about only one issue—Cuba, the overthrow of Castro, and heading back to the island to take up where they left off. But really: declare that the exiles in Miami are the legitimate government of Cuba? That’s ridiculous! So Miami will be like Taiwan? Or, West Germany? Or, South Korea? George thinks we need two Cubas? There are wackos in Miami: hoodlums, radicals, and other nasty groups. Sure, there are wackos in Havana, too. But there is no way I’ll agree to any “two-Cubas” policy. George is going to have to find another way to stroke the exiles.

Meantime, I’m going to ask Chester Bowles in State to issue a statement condemning the Stateside crazies who want to push me into a war with Castro. Maybe that will shut up Smathers and his ilk for a while. Either that, or maybe old George will show up in the Senate with a fake beard and in green fatigues, and challenge the other Senators to join him in an invasion of Cuba. In fact, I’m going to send him a memo urging him to just that. He’d look like the damn fool that he is.