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September 8, 1962
These damn Russians: why can’t they read the writing on the wall; why can they see that they are making two huge mistakes with one stupid policy? First, they can’t possibly get away with deploying these missiles and getting them fully operational before the gringos find out. Doesn’t Khrushchev understand that we are much closer to Miami—much closer—than Moscow is to Leningrad? Really, it’s already a kind of joke all over the island.
September 7, 1962
Washington, DC (Associated Press). September 7 1962 President Kennedy, acting in the face of a communist buildup in Cuba and other international tension, sought authority today to order 150,000 reservists to active duty.
September 4, 1962
Sometimes I think we have exchanged the American brand of imperialism for the Soviet brand of imperialism. No, that’s not quite fair. After all, the Americans are threatening to annihilate us, to bomb us, to invade us and overthrow us. That is good old-fashioned imperialism. But these damned Soviets, supposedly our friends, our brothers, our fraternal keepers—these people are just as arrogant, just as bad at listening to us.