We kicked their ass at the Bay of Pigs

September 14, 1962

Ha ha ha! I just saw a headline in the Miami Herald this morning indicating that the gringos have begun to sign up the Miami worms for military service. They say they want some Spanish –speaking units. Now, I wonder what the hell they think they are going to do with Spanish-speaking soldiers. Obviously, they will be used to attack us, to invade our island, to act as interpreters. I can see gringos’ fantasy now: they invade; they conquer Havana; the exile worms stand with the American commanders and explain in Spanish that the good guys have arrived; that the gringos are here to save our country from communism; and that everything will be made just as beautiful and wonderful as it was in Cuba before our Revolution.

Boy, are all of them—gringos and worms—in for a surprise. If any of them survive the attacks on our beaches, they will get a rifle butt shoved down their throats. We will show them how revolutionaries fight. Then, “POP” will go their fantasy bubble.

Of course, the gringos will be humiliated and angry, just as they were when we kicked their ass at the Bay of Pigs. And of course, Kennedy will call in his Air Force and they will bomb us to smithereens. But before they destroy us, we will show Kennedy, Khrushchev and the world how true revolutionaries conduct themselves. We will show them the epitome of courage and equanimity. Let the invasion begin!