khrushchev Blogs

September 8, 1962
Malinovsky, my loyal, patriotic defense minister—he means to be helpful. But that recent speech of his sent me through the roof. I mean, look: last October, the American deputy of McNamara’s, Gilpatrick, made a speech and spilled all the beans about the balance of nuclear forces. I thought we had Kennedy and his people fooled, with our fake missile sites and so on in Siberia. So okay, they found out. And right in the middle of that Berlin crisis, wham, they hit us by saying, basically, they have more of everything than we do, with the single exception of troops under arms.
September 7, 1962
Washington, DC (Associated Press). September 7 1962 President Kennedy, acting in the face of a communist buildup in Cuba and other international tension, sought authority today to order 150,000 reservists to active duty.
September 4, 1962
This has been a nerve-wracking summer from hell. I am still happy with my decision to “throw a hedgehog into Uncle Sam’s pants”—deploying our nuclear means and lots of other defensive weapons to Cuba. The Americans deserve some of their own medicine, and we intend to give it to them. They think they can just keep threatening us with the missiles in Europe and Turkey, and in the U.S., and on submarines and in all sorts of other ways, and that we have no right to protect ourselves. Bullshit! We are the other superpower. We are the wave of the future.