September 7, 1962

Washington, DC (Associated Press). September 7 1962

President Kennedy, acting in the face of a communist buildup in Cuba and other international tension, sought authority today to order 150,000 reservists to active duty.

White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger said Kennedy was asking the new authority to order reservists to duty “because of the critical nature of the international situation.” Salinger said he was referring to the “general international situation.” Asked if the move was inspired by the Soviet-backed buildup of armed strength in Castro’s Cuba, he said newsmen would have to draw their own conclusions.

So, it looks as if Kennedy is trying to blackmail us again. He is calling up the reserve imperialist forces for an invasion of this island.

First, he sends a few thousand of his hooligan soldiers down to Puerto Rico, where they practice invading an island. They certainly don’t need to invade Puerto Rico, because the yellow-bellied Puerto Ricans kiss the Americans’ ass every chance they get. I remember once when someone asked me in the U.S.—in 1959, in April 1959, when I was on a tour, after the triumph of the Revolution—someone asked me if Cuba and Puerto Rico share the same flag. Oh, the ignorant, arrogant gringos. They look south of their border and see all those little islands with all of those little toy people, just waiting to take orders from Washington. Well, I was trying to be diplomatic on that tour, not to let people upset me with their stupid ideas about Cuba. But I blew up. I said, in Spanish (I had been speaking English to that point), “Cuba is not Puerto Rico! Cuba is not your servant! Cuba is free and will remain free, no matter what you goddamned people think! Now translate that!” Later I apologized, in English. It probably was an honest mistake. The flags are the same, except for the configuration of the red, white and blue. Besides, in those days, we were still servile to the gringos. Even me.

No more! Now that the Soviet weapons and Soviet comrades have arrived, Cuba’s borders are now closed to fear. We don’t need Kennedy’s permission to defend ourselves. Meanwhile, the mercenaries keep infiltrating our island from Miami. Meanwhile, the U.S. planes fly over our island at will, taking their pictures and figuring out where to bomb us when the war begins. But this time, Uncle Sam is in for a helluva surprise. This time, when the aggressive imperialists attack, they will be committing suicide. Of course, we, and the Soviet comrades need to let them know ahead of time. A country that is about to commit suicide needs to be told that this is the state of affairs. It’s the least we can do. Who knows, maybe they’ll back off and act sensibly, for a change. If not, then boom!

Of course, we will be destroyed. But so will Uncle Sam. If we can avoid it, then of course we will. But if Uncle Sam is determined to have his way, then we will all go up in the mushroom cloud. In any case, Cuba is exalted to play such a pivotal role in calling the Americans’ bluff.

If it is a bluff.